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10 Tips on Personalization in Account-Based Marketing

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Hi All! This week’s topic is Account-Based Marketing. For marketing and sales leaders, personalization in ABM execution is critical for program success. This week, my colleague, Adam Turinas, Author of Total Customer Growth: Win and Grow Customers with ABM and ABX for Life, shares 10 Tips on Personalization.

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  • This Week's Topic: Account-Based Marketing

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10 Tips on Personalization in Account-Based Marketing

By Adam Turinas, Author, Total Customer Growth

Personalization is crucial in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Account-Based Experience (ABX).

At its heart, ABM is about allocating marketing resources more precisely to a select group of accounts instead of a broad audience. You do this by leveraging insights about targeted accounts and the buying behavior of personas within each account’s buyer group.

The trick is how you use account and customer insights, intent, and behavioral data to tailor your marketing efforts.

Personalization has been proven to work, and it’s worth the effort. Studies indicate that a personalized approach increases the likelihood of purchasers buying from and recommending a brand. Personalization is becoming an expected standard, and many B2B marketing leaders are prioritizing investments in content marketing and personalization technology. (Source: McKinsey, Nov 2021)

So, how do you implement personalization in ABM?

Tip #1 - Develop a Deep Understanding

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your target accounts, including their pain points, needs, and preferences. This will enable you to tailor your marketing efforts effectively.

Tip #2 - Segment Your Accounts

Divide your target accounts into meaningful segments based on common characteristics or behaviors. This segmentation will allow you to personalize your messaging and offers for each group.

Tip #3 - Create Buyer Personas

Build detailed buyer personas for key stakeholders within your target accounts. Identify their roles, responsibilities, motivations, and challenges to create personalized content that resonates with them.

Tip #4 - Leverage Data and Analytics

Utilize data and analytics to gather insights about your target accounts. This information will help you identify patterns, preferences, and opportunities for personalization.

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Tip #5 - Craft Personalized Content

Develop content that speaks directly to your target accounts’ unique needs and pain points. Tailor your messaging, offers, and calls-to-action to resonate with specific segments and individuals.

Tip #6 - Implement Dynamic Content

Use technology and automation to deliver dynamic content that adapts to your target accounts’ preferences and behaviors. This approach ensures a personalized experience throughout the buyer’s journey.

Tip #7 - Use Account-Specific Landing Pages

Create dedicated landing pages for each target account, highlighting personalized content and offers. This level of personalization shows a deep understanding of their needs and increases engagement.

Tip #8 - Leverage Personalization Technology

Implement tools and technologies that enable real-time customization of marketing messages, emails, and website experiences. These tools enhance the effectiveness of your ABM efforts.

Tip #9 - Embrace Omnichannel Personalization

Extend personalization across multiple channels, including email, social media, website, and offline interactions. Consistent and tailored messaging at each touchpoint strengthens your relationship with target accounts.

Tip #10 - Continuously Optimize and Measure

Regularly analyze the performance of your personalization efforts and optimize them based on data-driven insights. Measure key metrics, such as engagement, conversions, and revenue, to ensure the effectiveness of your ABM strategy.

Following these ten recommended tactics can help you accelerate personalization in your account-based marketing approach.

What are your thoughts on what makes exceptional ABM programs? Share your feedback on The Buzz Community.


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